About Us

Mission Statement: Dawnridge Farm’s mission is to preserve and improve the Delaware breed of poultry for the community by selective breeding, selling chicks to other breeders and growers, and educating the public about the importance of heritage breeds of poultry.

About the Farm: We are located in the south west area of Nevada County on 40 acres. Our birds are allowed to roam freely, searching for good things to eat, take dirt baths when wanted and scratch to their hearts content!

About our Chickens: We are breeders of the Heritage Delaware bird, first bred in 1940 in the state of Delaware. The breed was introduced into the “American Standard of Perfection” in 1952. It was originally bred to be a “dual purpose” bird  – meat and eggs. They are excellent as broilers with an abundance of vigor and fine meat quality.

About our Turkeys: We are now raising and breeding Heritage Bronze Turkeys. This is the first turkey that was included in the “American Standard of Perfection” book in 1874. The toms are 25 lbs and hens 16 lbs at 28 wks. We are very excited to have these birds on our farm! They are super friendly and curious!

About the Farmers: Carlos and Erin met while working for Kentucky Fried Chicken back in 1977. Yes, we worked for the Colonel! We have come full circle, breeding birds for consumption! We have lived all over Northern California, raising 4 children (who all worked at KFC). We are now both retired and living the dream – on our farm with our dogs, goats and chickens.